Vocal network

This is the major project of my MA in Graphic Branding and Identity at London College of Communication.

Because of my keen interest in music and sound, I started thinking of how sound is used for branding purposes and how it can create a unique point of difference. Exploring the correlation between sound and identity brought my attention to the sound of the human voice, a very personal and distinctive trait that “brands” us acoustically.

I then identified a problem, which is the impersonality of present social internet communication. This is because of the prevalence of written communication, which lacks the naturality of oral communication,  the dynamicity and the interiority of sound and therefore the identifying power of the human voice.

So I came up with Babble, a live vocal chat and a proper social space beyond the screen.

By focusing completely on oral communication, the Babble experience is, apart from the presence of a very minimalist interface, purely auditory. Through speech, users are given a deeper and more personal social interaction.

Babble is a move towards a natural, transparent and sincere communication over the internet.

In terms of UX, it was very interesting to see how much I could simplify it in order to let the core of the experience, oral communication, shine. There are no user profiles, no feeds, no direct messages. On Babble, you are just your voice. At the end I was left with an interface that is so intuitive it only uses 13 words to explain itself.

“A New Social Space” – The project report