Fin International

Branding identity

This is a project I worked on during my time at Fin International.

When I started, the ground work for the rebranding was already done, so the next step was to gather all the research around the positioning and the brand values and start expressing them in a visual form.

Fin International is a 30 year old branding agency specialised in financial services.
The company felt the need to inject creativity into a brand that for too long had been holding it back to play it safe in the financial sector.

The core brand message is clear: know the box, break the box. We respect the rules but we know when to bring on creativity to disrupt them.
Initially there were two routes: one very young, bold and provocative and another one more classic and elegant. Eventually these two routes merged into one.

Below I present the initial mood boards and early mockups, as well as the logo and all the other brand outputs I worked on, obviously including the website.

Client: Fin International