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Food journey

Crs mircosite
A short pitch I worked on for Recipe, a digital agency in London.
The goal was inform the consumers that the company was pushing global CRS efforts to the next level.
There was quite a big story to tell, so the challenge was to deliver it in a digestible way to those consumers who don’t care about the boring stats, while still providing a deeper layer of information to those who care.
The brief was to create a microsite that would sit within the bigger corporate website of a famous food company. I was brought in to create an interactive prototype to show during the pitch.
With a focus on mobile, in the span of 3 days I created the information architecture, user journeys, wireframes and finally the interactive UI prototype.

Online insurance broking

Insurance platform
This is a project I worked on for Studio Dot Info in London.
The goal was to create an interactive prototype for an online insurance broking platform.
After an initial discovery workshop with the client, I developed personas and user flows, as well as wireframes and finally the interactive UI prototype.


mind mapping platform
This is a project I worked on during while I was full-time at Kingdom London. String is a web based platform to map information. Users use it to map any subject, connecting nodes of information to produce a visually stimulating map.
I developed the original idea and designed the UX.

Fin Christmas

Advent calendar + Radio
I worked on this project while I was full-time at Fin International.
My Christmas card idea was simple, to give Fin's clients something they will want to come back to on a regular basis to increase brand awareness.
To this end I designed two micro websites: there’s an advent calendar, which gives everyone at Fin the opportunity to contribute with content, and a radio that uses the YouTube API to stream Christmas music selected by Fin.


Vocal network
This is the major project of my MA in Graphic Branding and Identity at London College of Communication.
The brief was to create a brand from scratch and explore its identity. I made a product instead.

Because of my keen interest in music and sound, I started exploring the correlation between sound and identity until my focus was brought onto the sound of the human voice, a very personal and distinctive trait that “brands” us acoustically.

I then identified a problem, which is the impersonality of present social internet communication. This is because of the prevalence of written communication, which lacks the naturality of oral communication,  the dynamicity and the interiority of sound, in other words the identifying power of the human voice.
So I came up with Babble, a live vocal chat and a proper social space beyond the screen.
By focusing completely on oral communication, the experience is almost purely auditory. Through speech, users are given a deeper and more personal social interaction.
Babble is a move towards a natural, transparent and sincere communication over the internet.

In terms of UX, it was very interesting to see how much I could simplify in order to let oral communication shine.
There are no user profiles, no feeds, no direct messages. There is no written language at all.
On Babble, you are just your voice.

Time Explorers

This is a project I worked on during while I was full-time at Kingdom London.
Historic Royal Palaces approached us with a brief to create an educational game through which kids could explore the palaces and discover their history, while playing and engaging with the space. Time Explorers is a unique game that brings schools and families back in time to help a historical character in need.
I was involved from the start in generating the ideas and prototyping the UX, and later on in the production of the UI, mission videos and assets, artworking and app sounds.
We created a game that is visually stimulating and engages the kids on different levels, urging them to keep their eyes and their ears wide open, and a durable framework with constantly updated missions.

Fin International

I worked on this project while I was full-time at Fin International.
When I started, the ground work for the rebranding was already done, so the next step was to gather all the research around the positioning and the brand values and start expressing them in a visual form.
Fin International is a 30 year old branding agency specialised in financial services.
The company felt the need to inject creativity into a brand that for too long had been holding it back to play it safe in the financial sector.
The core brand message is clear: know the box, break the box. We respect the rules but we know when to bring on creativity to disrupt them.
I presented two routes: one very young, bold and provocative and another one more classic and elegant. Eventually these two routes merged into one as it often happens.

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