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What I do and how I do it.

My design process
I have a strategic approach to design that follows the double diamond framework to ensure I focus ideas towards solving the right problem.
I have experience working within an agile process and I enjoy collaborating with both creative and technical teams to deliver products that provide value to users and achieve business objectives.
What DO I do?
With expertise at every step of the product design process, I am able to zoom out to focus on the strategy and zoom in to ensure a pixel perfect delivery.
I understand and where appropriate challenge business requirements to champion user needs.
I can manage and run research to understand user behaviour and identify problems and opportunities, and subsequently articulate key insights and translate them into artefacts to test assumptions.
I particularly enjoy visualising systems and flows, and I can create and iterate prototypes into production ready designs that consider the constraints of the user, technology, business and brand.
I have experience designing and facilitating workshops and I am adept at communicating product rationale clearly to business owners, team members and stakeholders of all levels.
"I've worked with a number of designers over time and I can say Tommaso was one of the best. Great attention to detail, easy to work with and adapted very quickly to a startup and agile workflow. We were able to design amazing products super fast! I hope to work with him again at some point in the future."
"Tommy's great to work with. Boundless enthusiasm, lots of ideas and a desire to always be pushing things forward."
Dan hyde - Senior account director at fin international
"Tommy is an accomplished designer and he is great to work with. He's very adaptable and his problem-solving skills are truly remarkable. As well as that, he's keen to learn so, if he doesn't know it already, he probably will soon (a trait I'd like to see much more)."
Francisco Jordão - Technical lead at kingdom london