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Advertising mobile + web app
PROJECT overview
Bagboard is a advertising startup in London.
The vision of the company is to revolutionise advertising by offering brands a new platform and a consensual way for consumers to engage with ads.
Strong, eco-friendly carrier bags are distributed for free to participating stores. Ads are printed on the bags, and consumers can interact with the ads by scanning the bags with an app.
I was hired to create a first prototype of the digital experience for consumers and advertisers alike.
Without in-house product design nor dev teams, I worked on this project individually, reporting to the head of product.
The process
During the first part of the project I created a prototype of the consumer app, which allows consumers to interact with ads and engage in a conversation with the brands on the platform.
I designed IA, user journeys, wireframes, and a quick draft of UI.
In the second part of this project I worked on the advertiser portal, a platform used by brands to create and manage campaigns.
While defining the information architecture, the platform turned into the core of the brand experience, a hub where brands, consumers and retailers come together.
After the IA,  I focused on the campaigns managing area with user flows, wireframes and a UX prototype.
"I would highly recommend Tommaso.
He is approachable, friendly and an excellent communicator.
While working with us he showed great passion and consistently demonstrated his vast range of problem-solving skills.
He was also very flexible and adaptable around our ever-changing requirements. A pleasure to work with."
Chand Patel - CFO at Bagboard

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