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Financial mobile + web app
Project overview
Oldabode is a finance company that works in the crypto space.
Their platform was initially designed to offer customers a simple, smart and secure crypto experience with interest earning from digital currencies.
During my time there the focus of the company shifted towards institutional investors and the platform was adapted to reflect it.

The real name of the company has been omitted for legal reasons. The artefacts shown in this case study are fictional.
I was hired as lead to work on the mobile app and later on the web app as part of a small design team.
Limited UX maturity in the company meant I had the chance to bring focus to a more user-centric approach.
An agile workflow dictated continuous collaboration between design, product and dev teams, and I was deeply involved in the research, design and delivery of the product.
The process
A retail-oriented web app already existed when I joined, but it was the intention of the company to have a UX overhaul and a mobile-first approach.
The very first step was to deep dive into the web app functionality and research into its pain points.
Along with constant competitor analysis, at this point of the project it was crucial to gather requirements from the product and dev teams as well as insights into user behaviour, in order to understand the core flows and their challenges.
I was then able to map IA items and clusters, and from these derive the initial architecture and navigation, which was then iterated upon.
Now with an understanding of the basis for the IA and the navigation, I proceeded to design the core flows at low-fidelity.
Given the high stakes involved, it was very important to place a strong emphasis on security measures and compliance with financial regulations.
Validated by user testing and many stakeholder workshops and reviews along the process, I designed the rest of the flows and created UX design stories for every page and feature at mid-fidelity. A comprehensive prototype was created for product and dev teams.
While the dev team started to prepare for the new flows, it was time to work on the design system and the platform UI.
Detailed UI design stories were created for product and dev teams, and a comprehensive prototype was made for stakeholder presentations and user testing sessions, which were used to measure the accessibility and ease of use of the interface.
While working on the mobile app, I was asked to look at the web app as well. Striving for consistency, I used the same design system and derived the web patterns from those of the mobile app.
During my time at Oldabode, the information architecture changed to reflect the increased nesting driven by multi-account support, and UI patterns became more complex in order to display more data and analytics.
This shift brought changes to the design team as well: an in-house designer was hired to work on the design system and the web app, while I could once again focus on the overall UX and the mobile app exclusively.
After extensive testing and several snagging sessions, the mobile app was released on Google Play Store and Apple App Store and was well received by its users.
"Tommy was an absolute superstar in his time with us. His attention to detail and technical thinking was very impressive. He is a great team member and we thoroughly enjoyed working with him."
Head of Design at confidential client

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